No-Knead Bread

No-Knead Bread

I've been skeptical of the 'no knead' recipes circulating online. Kneading dough causes intricate gluten chains to form, which gives bread it's springy, rich texture. After several sources that I trust praised the no-knead technique I figured I'd give it a try, and I'm happy that I did.

This recipe takes just a few minutes to mix together, but the real key is letting it sit overnight. The incredibly long rise time gives the tiny amount of yeast enough time to create an incredible array through the magic of fermentation. The moist dough baked up easily to form a rich, golden crust.
  • Prep: 20 min
  • Rise: 18-24 hours
  • Cook: 45-60 min
  • Total: About 26 hours
  • Yields 1 loaf
No-Knead Bread

Nutritional Info

T1D Carbs-per-gram ratio: 0.5035

* Multiply serving weight in grams by the carbs-per-gram ratio to calculate the total estimated carbs.

From . ( Adapted from Also adapted from Jim Lahey, Sullivan Street Bakery

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